Price Start at $10/Page


The price is based on these factors: 

  • Academic level 
  • Number of pages 
  • Urgency
  • Type of paper needed  

Please, keep in mind that we will try to provide the best possible solution to your specific needs, however, the more details you provide us in your requirements, the more accurately we will be able to follow your expectations through.

The prices set for the written works do not include any preliminary research. Our writers will not be able to obtain information needed for your research work using such methods as interviews, polls, focus groups, observations due to geographical reasons and inability to ensure and corroborate the high standard of such findings. However, if the methods mentioned above are fundamental to the nature of your work, we will gladly assist you in preparation to these kinds of activity and help you in accurately processing the data gathered.

We are flexible to our clients’ needs and resources, discussing every order in consideration with your personal conditions to deliver the most friendly and natural experience possible when working with our platform.