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Discussion – 



Answer the following questions

QUESTION 1 (1)Many people think there is no difference between an alligator and a crocodile. (2)However, the alligator’s snout is shorter and broader than that of a crocodile. (3)A more dramatic difference between the two creatures lies in how dangerous they are to humans. (4)There are very few documented instances in which alligators have killed a person. (5)On the other hand, crocodiles, particularly those along the Nile River, are quite dangerous to humans. (6)It is said, in fact, that as far as killing people is concerned, crocodiles are second only to poisonous snakes.a. Poisonous snakes are more dangerous to humans than crocodiles. b. Many people believe that alligators and crocodiles are the same. c. There are clear differences between alligators and crocodiles. d. Alligators aren’t particularly dangerous to humans.QUESTION 2 (1)Intellectual curiosity is a desire for knowledge simply for its own sake?not to get a good grade, pass a test, get a diploma, or get a job. (2)Intellectual curiosity prevents boredom and apathy?and bored, apathetic people are dreary people, to themselves and to others. (3)Such curiosity also broadens our horizons. (4)If we pursue only the knowledge that we think we need for “success,” our possibilities will be limited. (5)Moreover, curiosity of the mind makes us versatile. (6)People with broad knowledge and wide interests can change the course of their work and activities if they need to?as they well might, given the rapid pace of change in our world?or simply if they want to. (7)Last, although practicality is not its aim, intellectual curiosity can have practical advantages; at any time, any kind of knowledge may turn out to be useful to our happiness and growth in life.a. Intellectual curiosity has many benefits. b. Intellectual curiosity prevents boredom and apathy. c. People with intellectual curiosity can change their jobs if they want or need to. d. Intellectual curiosity has practical advantages.QUESTION 3 (1)Children in Finland are the highest-scoring young readers in the world, but they also spend more time watching TV than reading. (2)A Finnish national research coordinator has pointed out a key relationship between reading and Finnish TV: “Many programs have captions, and watching these programs seems to motivate and enhance reading among young students.” (3)In fact, almost 50 percent of Finnish television consists of foreign TV programs and movies whose subtitles must be read?and read quickly?for the shows to be understood. (4)Finnish nine-year-olds want to learn to read in order to understand TV and therefore watch a moderately heavy amount. a. Children in Finland are the best young readers in the world. b. Finnish television is very different from television in the United States. c. Finnish teenagers watch less TV than younger children do. d. Captioned television appears to help children learn to read.QUESTION 4 (1)As you speak with someone, you can easily gather clues about how much he or she understands or agrees with you and adjust your conversation accordingly. (2)But when you write, you must try to anticipate the reader’s reactions without such clues. (3)You also have to provide stronger evidence in writing than in conversation. (4)A friend may accept an unsupported statement such as “He’s a lousy boss.” (5)But in writing, the reader expects you to back up such a statement with proof.a. There are special techniques to communicating verbally with others.b. Speaking and writing are both challenging ways of communicating.c. Communicating effectively in writing is more demanding than communicating verbally.d. When speaking, you get feedback about a person’s reaction that helps you to make your conversation more effective.QUESTION 5 (1)Many people dream of being celebrities, but do they consider what celebrities’ lives are really like? (2)For one thing, celebrities have to look perfect all the time. (3)There’s always a photographer ready to take an unflattering picture of a famous person looking dumpy in old clothes. (4)Celebrities also sacrifice their private lives. (5)Their personal struggles, divorces, or family tragedies all end up as front-page news. (6)Most frighteningly, celebrities are in constant danger of the wrong kind of attention. (7)Threatening letters and even physical attacks from crazy fans are things the celebrity must contend with.a. Many people dream of being celebrities. b. Being a celebrity is often difficult. c. Being a celebrity means having to look good all the time. d. Celebrities face dangers. QUESTION 6 (1)In murders investigated by the FBI, more than one-third have been committed by one family member against another. (2)Three percent of them involve the murder of a child by a parent. (3)Aggression by parents toward children also takes a less drastic form. (4)Each year two million children are kicked, beaten, or punched by their parents. (5)Aggression is evident in marriages as well. (6)Each year, four million husbands and wives violently attack each other. (7)These attacks result in severe injuries in a quarter of a million cases.a. Abuse of children by parents is widespread in the United States. b. Aggression is part of many marriages in this country. c. In the United States, family violence is increasing steadily. d. In the United States, aggression is often directed toward members of one’s own family.QUESTION 7 (1)A baby’s most basic cry consists of a rhythmic pattern which begins with a cry followed by a brief silence and then a shorter higher-pitched whistling sound. (2)Experts believe the basic cry is triggered by hunger, tiredness, or mild discomfort. (3)Researchers have also identified an anger cry. (4)A bit more forceful than the basic cry, the anger cry involves larger volumes of air passing over the baby’s vocal chords. (5)Such a sound might be made when a baby wants to be picked up and is not, or when a baby is put in a crib when it wants to be held. (6)A third type of cry that babies use is the pain cry. (7)A sudden loud wail followed by an extended period of breath holding, the pain cry is the loudest sound a baby can make.a. Babies have three distinct cries to communicate what they are feeling. b. The pain cry is the loudest sound a baby can make. c. Babies communicate differently at different ages. d. Experts believe that hunger, tiredness, or mild discomfort may cause the basic cry.QUESTION 8 (1)The earliest humans probably used the lengthening and shortening of shadows on the ground to measure the passage of time. (2)Later, the sundial was invented to tell time more precisely, but still by using the shadow principle. (3)The hourglass, a slightly more recent invention, measured time by allowing grains of sand to fall from one container to another. (4)In about the year 1300, a primitive clock was invented. (5)It had only an hour hand, but it became the most exact way yet to tell the time. (6)Since then, clocks have been so improved technically that today’s clocks and watches can be depended upon to be quite precise.a. Throughout history, people have found better and better ways to measure the passing of time. b. The hourglass is a slightly more recent invention than the sundial. c. The first methods of measuring the passing of time took advantage of the changing shadows cast by the sun throughout a day. d. A primitive clock invented in about 1300 was the most exact way to tell time up to that point.QUESTION 9 (1)Adolescents and old people are both often segregated from the rest of society: young people are isolated in schools, and many old people in retirement communities, assisted-living facilities, and nursing homes. (2)Also, both groups tend to be poorer than young adults or middle-aged people: adolescents because they do not yet have the education or experience to command high salaries, and old people because they are retired and living on their savings and social security. (3)Third, independence is important for both groups?they are conscious of wanting it, whereas young adults and middle-aged people take it for granted. (4)Adolescents want to become independent of their parents; old people want to keep their independence and not have to rely on their children or on social institutions. (5)Fourth, they both tend to have a relatively large amount of leisure time or, at least, time that they can choose or not choose to fill with study or work. (6)By contrast, young and middle-aged adults typically spend most of their time at their jobs or taking care of home duties such as child-rearing.a. Adolescents and old people, more than other social groups, strongly value their independence. b. Both adolescents and old people have different economic conditions from young and middle-aged adults. c. Young and middle-aged adults spend much of their time taking care of home duties such as child-rearing. d. Adolescents and old people, as groups in our culture, are very similar in certain ways. QUESTION 10 (1)Earth is surrounded by a thick gaseous envelope called the atmosphere. (2)The atmosphere provides the air that we breathe and protects us from the sun’s intense heat and dangerous radiation. (3)The energy exchanges that continually occur between the atmosphere and space produce the effects we call weather. (4)If, like the moon, Earth had no atmosphere, our planet would be lifeless, and many of the processes and interactions that make the surface such an energetic place could not operate. (5)Without weathering and friction, the face of our planet might more closely resemble the lunar surface, which has not changed much in nearly three billion years.a. The atmosphere is a thick gaseous layer covering the entire Earth. b. The moon, unlike Earth, has no atmosphere and has therefore not changed much in almost three billion years. c. There are many influences on Earth’s development.d. The atmosphere is a key part of our environment and of Earth’s processes. The way to answer this question is … View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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